P3 External Kit

P3 External Kit
phantom power for nearly every setup


  • Remote, phantom power for pedals and pickups
  • Eliminates need for 9-volt batteries
  • Uses standard "stereo" cabling (provided)
  • Eliminates power cabling, slashes pedalboard clutter
  • Eliminates wall-warts, AC power at pedalboard
  • Reduces or eliminates ground-loop hum
  • Stabilizes tone, stops signal fade and dropout
  • Ends the dreaded "dead on arrival"
  • Easily make any setup fully P3 Ready
  • No modifications necessary, works with practically everything

Specs, Description

10-piece kit comprised of the "Power Station" power supply, which is placed at, or near the amplifier, and the "Power Splitter", which is placed with the other pedals on a pedalboard. The P3 External Kit allows a guitarist/musician to use P3 Technology without modifying their existing amp or pedals, and will operate with P3 Ready gear, allowing a player to integrate P3 Ready gear into their rig to progressively move to an all P3 Ready setup. Either of the two pieces contained in the kit is available for purchase separately, as some people with P3 Enabled amps may need only the Power Splitter.


A Pedal Junky's Best Friend

"I recently had a chance to try this stuff and I must say I was absolutely floored with amazement."

The wonderful world of stompboxes. What a magnificent thing it can be. For those of us who dabble in the art of noise nothing can be better. For me it is the hunt that attracts me to it all and keeps things exciting. The tweaking and experimenting of different sounds, the blending and pairing of certain pedals, and the extra push or color they can give our tone. But where there's a positive there is always a negative. In the effect pedal world that negative is the hassle of finding a player friendly way of powering our gear.

This is where DC Voltage comes into play, and where the pedal power problem goes away. Imagine not having to deal with dead batteries, power adapters, power strips, extension chords, and the time they're all capable of eating up. This is now possible with DC Voltage's P3 Technology line of products. I recently had a chance to try this stuff and I must say I was absolutely floored with amazement. Let's take a closer look at this gear shall we?

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