"A pedal junky's best friend." - Analog War Cry

P3 Features

  • Eliminates batteries
  • Eliminates power wires
  • Eliminates wall-warts
  • Eliminates ground-loop hum
  • Cleanest possible pedalboard
  • Easy, quick, flexible setup
  • Works over the audio cable
  • Works with existing pedals

P3 Benefits

  • Better power = Better tone
  • Slash wiring and setup time
  • Banish AC from the pedalboard
  • Stop "ground loop" hum, signal droop
  • Stabilize tone, improve reliability
  • Never show up D.O.A. again
  • Never land-fill another 9-volt

P3 Quick FAQ

  • How many pedals will P3 power? -- The P3 PowerStation will supply 1700 mA of 9 volts DC. Each pedal draws a different amount of current: Most overdrive pedals draw about 20 mA of current, while some digital pedals may draw over 100mA. Adding the current draw of all pedals shows that, theoretically, the P3 PowerStation can power over 80 standard overdrive pedals, or perhaps 15 large, power-hungry digital pedals.

P3 available in

Six Diagrams of P3 - Clear, real-world uses.

P3 Example Setups


P3 @ NAMM 2014

Jason explains P3 @ NAMM 2012

"We were very impressed at NAMM by the potential of P3 technology and were extremely glad we could help "get the word out" about it. We would highly recommend that anyone who has questions about P3 to contact Jason at DC Voltage, directly, to discuss them at 301-524-9939 or by visiting their website at DCVoltage.net. Great Job, Jason & DC Voltage & see you again at NAMM, soon! Sincerely, Russ Gaines, Founder & CEO, The Musician Network (TMNtv)"

P3 Tech Demo

2010 Interview by Sonic State

Phantom Powered Pedals
Interview with Jason, NAMM Jan 2010

P3 Intro @ 2009 NAMM w/ Brian and Premier Guitar's Joe Coffey

PG's Joe Coffey is On Location at NAMM '09 where he visits the P3 & Standback area. In this clip, we get to check out two devices that should help consolidate and boost the efficiency of your on-the-go rig. The P3 is a device that uses the power through your amp to run your pedalboard with one cable. The P3 can power up to 12 pedals at one time. The Standback is a slick device used to prop an amp rig of up to 85 pounds in a desirable position so your sound isn't blasting your knees!!

"Hey Jason, Brian, Tom - I'm using the P3 setup installed in my Eden bass rig and pedal board and it's great. No more wall warts, extension cords and batteries! I get people asking me about how the system works all the time and I direct them to your site. Keep up the great work!" --Bobby Bush, June, 2009


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