David Barber Overdrive Pedal

Features & Benefits

  • Classic "overdrive" tone
  • Boostable Bypass prevents "tone suck"
  • 4th knob for boost
  • P3 Ready™
    • Runs on P3. Passes P3.
    • Can power stock pedals.
    • Can use 9-volt battery.


A Pedal Junky's Best Friend

"I recently had a chance to try this stuff and I must say I was absolutely floored with amazement."

The wonderful world of stompboxes. What a magnificent thing it can be. For those of us who dabble in the art of noise nothing can be better. For me it is the hunt that attracts me to it all and keeps things exciting. The tweaking and experimenting of different sounds, the blending and pairing of certain pedals, and the extra push or color they can give our tone. But where there's a positive there is always a negative. In the effect pedal world that negative is the hassle of finding a player friendly way of powering our gear.

This is where DC Voltage comes into play, and where the pedal power problem goes away. Imagine not having to deal with dead batteries, power adapters, power strips, extension chords, and the time they're all capable of eating up. This is now possible with DC Voltage's P3 Technology line of products. I recently had a chance to try this stuff and I must say I was absolutely floored with amazement. Let's take a closer look at this gear shall we?

Analog War Cry

Press Releases


1 February 2012


Gaithersburg, MD - DC Voltage Co. introduces the David Barber +P3 Overdrive Pedal, combining famed audio circuitry with patented P3 Technology, which has been called "a pedal junky's best friend." Audio exhibits slightly softer midrange and wider frequency response than typical, and includes P3 Technology to eliminate batteries by powering pedals remotely via the guitar cable. Unique Boostable Bypass provides variable clean signal boost and overpowers "tone suck" when driving long cables or low impedances. This is a classic overdrive with new, useful features. Contact Jason Robling jason@dcvoltage.net MSRP is $149, available now directly from http://dcvoltage.net

Full Release

Gaithersburg, MD - The DC Voltage Company introduces the P3 Signature Series David Barber Overdrive Pedal. This pedal combines the legendary tone of the Barber Overdrive circuit with P3 Technology that is built into a professional-grade pedal.

With softer midrange and wider frequency response than typical overdrive pedals, David Barber's overdrive circuitry includes 4558 op-amps. A toggle switch on the top surface of the pedal allows easy control of the unique Boosted Bypass feature: toggle it on and the bypassed signal is also boosted cleanly by an amount set with the Drive knob; toggle it off and the bypass signal passes through untouched. This unique feature offers a fantastic way to prevent "tone suck" when driving long cables or low impedance pedals. This is the world's first pedal to include this selectable and adjustable Boosted Bypass feature, also known as David Barber's (killer-sounding) "B-Buff".

Remotely supplying abundant, regulated power via standard cables, P3 Technology completely eliminates the need for 9-volt batteries, cuts power cabling, cumbersome wall-warts, and the need for AC mains at the pedalboard; stabilizes tone while greatly suppressing if not entirely eliminating ground-loop hum; stops voltage droop and resulting signal loss or degradation; and makes the dreaded "dead on arrival" of drained batteries a pain of the past.

The P3 Signature Series David Barber Overdrive Pedal, priced at US $149 and available directly from http://dcvoltage.net/p3/overdrive, includes comprehensive instructions, full support ...and a 9-volt battery! P3 Technology allows the battery to remain installed yet electrically disconnected, ensuring it does not accidentally discharge and is available in an emergency or when P3 Power is not available.

When set to use P3 Power, P3 Pedals actually reverse the purpose of their DC barrel connectors, making them into 9-volt power sources, perfect for daisy-chaining, or "Power-Chaining", to stock pedals. This uncommonly useful benefit reiterates the highly-adaptable versatility of P3 Technology.

As with all P3 Technology -- called "a pedal junky's best friend," and "a godsend for professional musicians" -- power flows one way and signal the other over a single cable, while power problems and concerns essentially vanish. Jason Robling, President of DC Voltage Company, summarizes the P3 Signature Series David Barber Overdrive Pedal as "legendary overdrive plus boostable bypass meets the definitive end to pedal power problems."

Media Contact:
Jason Robling
(301) 524-9939

8501 Citation Dr., Gaithersburg, MD 20877

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P3 Signature Series Pedals combine audio circuitry licensed from known designers with patented P3 Technology.


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