FlapJack — Kills the bad tone beam that shoots from the center of speaker cones


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  • Blocks harsh frequencies beaming from speaker cones
  • 4-inch flexible, translucent disc, extremely light
  • Hangs on speaker grill of guitar amp
  • Won't damage grill cloth or vibrate on metal grills
  • Installs in seconds without tools
  • Adjustable positioning, helps improve mic placement
  • Effective, great for harsh or "lively" rooms
  • A must for any gig bag, perfect for working musician
  • Stores easily in guitar cases, pedal bags, amp cabinets

FlapJack subdues the often harsh and annoying sonic beam of intense tone that usually shoots from the center of guitar amp speakers. In so doing, however, it doesn't upset the nice sound you're used to hearing.

FlapJack helps live situations and recording sessions. Although sound is subjective, producers and sound engineers often agree the best mic'd guitar sound comes from recording a speaker "off-axis", meaning that the mic is not pointed directly at the center of the speaker.

FlapJack is extremely easy to adjust: Pop it on, pop it off, move it around, etc. Simple, effective. The squishy PVC disk provides just the right amount of diffusion and absorption and won't vibrate on metal speaker grills. FlapJack is a perfect solution for an old problem as it helps improve your sound.

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